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A unique, innovative and transparent Vehicle Inspection Tool to enhance workshop productivity and performance.

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Quick & Transparent

Not just a routine inspection

  • Optional modules
  • Wireless connection
  • User friendly interface
  • Cloud data storage
  • The programm offers the option to carry out a short questionnaire with the driver to assess the condition of the car. The data recorded is then saved in the cloud.

  • Plugged into the OBD connector, the scan will check all the vehicle’s systems for error codes. Technicians can follow the scan as it communicates with a PC via Bluetooth or via USB cable.

  • e-Videns monitors live data fromthe engine under different operation conditions and compares the data with reference data in the DENSO cloud to identify abnormalities and pre-empt issues.

  • e-Videns provides a colour coded check list to ensure a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle, systems and parts for wear and tear, damages and leakage. This module offers 4 types of visual inspections including a service maintenance inspection, summer & winter checks and a short Service Acceptance check. The number of inspection items vary depending of the visual inspection chosen, with Service Acceptance being the shortest and Maintenance the longest.

  • e-Videns can now perform a Service Interval Reset (SIR) including service time & mileage, oil time & mileage, brake & MOT.

  • This functionality enables technicians to quickly and easily reset the check engine light, with e-Videns re scanning all vehicle systems to confirm the codes have been reset.

Improve service levels, gain trust

Give peace of mind

Improving efficiency and transparency, e-Videns reassures motorists that the right steps are being taken, ultimately boosting customer loyalty.

Motorist & technician interaction The optional driver interview module includes a short list of simple questions to allow the mechanic to quickly assess the condition of the vehicle.

Plug & Scan Once plugged into the OBD connector, e-Videns will perform a system scan to detect error codes. Technicians can follow the scan as it communicates with a PC via Bluetooth or connected via USB cable.

Monitor live data The system connects to the cloud; compares live data from the vehicle and cross-check it against parameters to identify problems and pre-empt issues.

Spot wear & tear The optional visual inspection module will guide the technician through a thorough check list to visually inspect and record wear & tear on vulnerable parts such as wiper blades and tyres. This function also includes a maintenance, winter & summer and service acceptance checks.

Share the results The final colour-coded and easy-to-understand report can be shown to customers to bring clarity, encouraging swift approval of any work required and improving service levels and loyalty.

NEW FUNCTIONALITIES The Service Interval Reset will reset the Service time & mileage, the Oil type & mileage, the brakes and MOT (depending on vehicle make and model). The Diagnostic Trouble Code Reset will rescan the vehicle's systems to confirm that the codes have been reset.

Additional Information


The full manual will be soon available for download.

What's in the box?

  • Carrying case
  • VCI with OBD communication cable
  • Cable clip
  • Security dongle
  • USB cable