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  • What is e-Videns?

    DENSO e-Videns is a comprehensive vehicle inspection tool which provides an innovative new vehicle inspection method, combining driver interview, diagnostic trouble code scanning, life engine data retrieval, engine reference data comparison and visual inspection.

  • What are the benefits?


    e-Videns offers a quick and transparent vehicle inspection service for motorists. At the end of the vehicle inspection process, two reports will be generated by the system:

    •  A customer report with a summary of the abnormalities found and advices of any repairs or further trouble shooting needed
    • A mechanic report with more detailed information abouyt the status of the vehicle.

    Reports can be printed, shared with others, stored locally and will be saved in the cloud. The reports can be easily retrieved via the QR-code or via the e-Videns history search function.

  • What is the part number?

    The e-Videns-I package number is: EVI1010000.

  • Which vehicles are supported?

    Around 80% of passenger cars manufactured between 2005 and 2014 with Petrol and Diesel engines are supported by e-Videns.

  • What is the warranty period?

    The warranty period is 24 months.

  • Where can I purchase e-Videns?

    e-Videns is now launched in the United Kingdom. Register your details for a free demonstration.

  • How much does it cost?

    e-Videns is now launched in the United Kingdom. Register your details for a free demonstration. A member of our Sales team will be in touch.

  • How do I get charged?

    After the initial, one-off investment, in the hardware and the yearly administration fee, e-Videns users will be charged monthly by number of 'clicks'. A 'click' means the completion of a full e-Videns final report. The 'click' charging process (Pay Per Click) allows users to stay in control of their costs. Users will only be charged as and when they use the system and generate a report.